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Owned and operated by Joseph R. Roush, Roush Funeral Home takes great pride in providing the best possible services to its clients on a daily basis. human hair wigs Mr. Roush is an award-winning embalmer and his staff is very experienced, talented, and eager to help every family with compassion and care.

Now located in Ravenswood, West Virginia, the evolution of Roush Funeral Home began in 1860 when John J. Rudman first provided basic care for the deceased. Mr. Rudman served the community until 1907. hair extensions uk From 1907 to 1913, Fred Rudman took the reigns. The name changed several times in the following years. Twiggs Funeral Home (1913-1921); Thorn Funeral Home (1921-1928); Palmer Funeral Home (1928-1941); Chambers-Kyger Funeral Home (1941-1947); Chambers Funeral Home (1947-1973); Straight-Tucker Funeral Home (1973-1994); Straight-Tucker-Roush Funeral Home (1994-1996). And finally, Roush Funeral home (1996-Present).

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